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Cinematix Media is a full-service Vancouver video production company dedicated to delivering high-end visuals for clients and budgets of all sizes. 

We work with both local and international brands to help tell their stories in creative and engaging ways –

Making content that emotionally resonates with target audiences, builds a connection,
and drives results


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 Whether you’re looking to enhance your brand’s identity, promote a product, or share a compelling narrative, we’re here to bring your vision to life. 

See how you and your brand can leverage the power of visual storytelling through Vancouver Video Production by Cinematix Media.

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About Us | Cinematix Media

We’re Karl and Nils, two brothers who share a passion for cinematic storytelling, and the founders of Cinematix Media. Cinematix is a full-service video production house, meaning we collaborate with brands from concept to delivery to satisfy our client’s video requests.

We both share a belief in the power of “less is more.” Having worn many hats in the film industry where every job is specialized, we have industry knowledge that we bring to every project, meaning we can do it all: writing, shooting, editing, sound design, visual effects. We pride ourselves in delivering high quality concepts and meeting technical standards without a large crew.

Our services cover a spectrum of video production needs, including commercial film production, brand stories, promotional videos, and corporate event coverage.

I was born and raised right here in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. I have a background in both film and marketing, giving me a good perspective on commercial video production. I’ve been on sets, directed films, shot commercials, filmed events – but at the same time have also worked with clients on market research, identified target markers, and come up with promotional strategies.

This gives me a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t in a competitive marketplace, where content is king, and more prevalent than ever. Experience with both the business side AND the visual/creative side is key to crafting effective video content that drives results.


I was 7 when my family purchased our first camcorder, starting my lifelong passion for filmmaking and videography. Since then I’ve graduated from Capilano University’s film Bachelor Degree program, and have been fortunate enough to have won awards at several international film competitions and festivals.

My experiences have allowed me to develop a unique storytelling approach, blending cinematic techniques with the demands of commercial videography. Whether I’m working on a promotional video for a brand or documenting a special event, I believe in weaving a compelling narrative that resonates with the audience.

Having a filmmaking background has shaped the way I shoot video, and I strive to capture commercial ventures with as much care and attention to detail as a film.

Testimonials | Vancouver Video Production

Dayle Wilnechenko, Founder
Chenko Studios
“We’re incredibly grateful for Nils and Cinematix Media for creating valuable advertising content for our Gastown Sewing Studio!

Their work has become the face of our brand, playing a crucial role in our studio’s growth. We were impressed by their passion and expertise throughout the filming process.

They skillfully captured the energy of our studio, enabling us to share it with others through video. Highly recommended!”
Yohan Varella, CEO

“Working with Cinematix Media as our Vancouver video production company was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. Their professionalism, creativity, and attention to detail truly set them apart. 

The team’s dedication to bringing our vision to life was evident in every frame of the final product. Not only did they exceed our expectations in terms of quality, but they also delivered on time and within budget. 

Communication was seamless throughout the process, making collaboration effortless. We highly recommend Cinematix Media as a Vancouver video production company.”

Yonatan Soloman, Director
YMG Motion Pictures

Hands down, the best production team in Canada! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nils and Karl on a few productions and, not only was I able to see my vision come to fruition, working with them enhanced the creativity and overall quality of my projects! 

Cannot recommend enough!

How It Works | Vancouver Video Production


Key Objectives

At Cinematix Media, we are passionate about creating a compelling video campaign that not only showcases our brand’s unique offerings but also conveys our values and ambiance.

Our Process

Consultation and Conceptualization: We initiate the project with an in-depth consultation with the client, understanding our brand identity, target audience, and overall marketing goals.

Scripting and Logistics: We develop detailed script to outline the visual narrative, ensuring that every shot serves a purpose in conveying your brand’s message.

Production Execution: Our team captures stunning visuals, utilizing creative cinematography techniques to enhance the storytelling and evoke emotional responses from the audience.

Post-Production Mastery: The post-production phase involves meticulous editing, color grading, and sound design to ensure a polished and professional final product.

Tangible Results

The videos crafted by our Vancouver video production company garner widespread attention on social media platforms, leading to increased brand visibility and a surge in customer inquiries. The visually compelling content effectively communicates our brand’s values and unique offerings, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

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FAQ | Vancouver Video Production

Cinematix Media, as a leading Vancouver video production company, prides itself on being a comprehensive and versatile provider of video production services. Our commitment extends beyond mere videography; we are dedicated to delivering high-end visuals tailored to clients and budgets of all sizes. Here’s a detailed overview of the services we offer:

  1. Commercial Film Production: At the heart of our services lies commercial film production, where we excel in transforming brands’ stories into captivating cinematic experiences. Our team of experienced filmmakers, equipped with cutting-edge technology, collaborates closely with clients to understand their unique narratives and craft visually stunning films. Whether it’s a product launch, brand campaign, or storytelling piece, we infuse creativity into every frame to leave a lasting impact on the audience.

  2. Branding/Promotional Video Production: We specialize in crafting branding and promotional videos that go beyond conventional marketing approaches. Our goal is to create content that not only promotes products or services but also emotionally resonates with the audience. By understanding the core values and aspirations of the brands we work with, we ensure that our videos become powerful storytelling tools that build connections and leave a memorable impression.

  3. Corporate Videography: Cinematix Media is dedicated to providing top-notch corporate videography services, ensuring that businesses present themselves with professionalism and authenticity. From corporate events to internal communication videos, we capture the essence of your brand and convey your messages with clarity. Our approach to corporate videography is characterized by precision, attention to detail, and a commitment to showcasing your business in the best possible light.

  4. Aerial Videography/Photography: Elevating our services, we specialize in aerial videography and photography, offering a unique perspective that adds depth and visual interest to your content. Our experienced drone operators capture breathtaking aerial shots, providing a fresh and dynamic dimension to your videos. Whether showcasing expansive landscapes, architectural marvels, or event venues, our aerial services ensure a captivating and memorable visual experience.

  5. Video Deployment & Strategy Consulting: Recognizing that creating exceptional videos is only part of the equation, we offer video deployment and strategy consulting services. Our team works closely with clients to understand their overarching marketing goals, target audience, and distribution channels. This comprehensive approach ensures that the produced videos align seamlessly with your overall brand strategy, maximizing their impact and effectiveness.

Requesting a quote for video production services from Cinematix Media is a straightforward and efficient process designed to provide clients with accurate and customized estimates tailored to their specific needs. We understand that transparency and clarity are essential when it comes to budgeting for video projects, and our goal is to make the quoting process as seamless as possible.

To initiate a quote request, clients can visit our official website, where they will find a dedicated section for inquiries and quotes. Alternatively, they can reach out to us via email or phone, where our responsive team is ready to assist. When contacting us, it’s beneficial to provide a brief overview of the project, including its scope, objectives, and any specific requirements or preferences. This initial information allows us to better understand the client’s vision and tailor our services accordingly.

Once we receive the initial inquiry, our team will promptly respond to schedule a consultation. This consultation serves as a crucial step in the quoting process, as it allows us to delve deeper into the project details, discuss creative concepts, and address any specific concerns or considerations. During this consultation, we encourage clients to share their vision, desired outcomes, and any budget constraints they may have.

Following the consultation, our experienced team thoroughly evaluates the project requirements, considering factors such as the complexity of the shoot, the duration of filming, post-production needs, and any additional services requested, such as aerial videography or strategic consulting. This comprehensive assessment ensures that our quote accurately reflects the scope of the project and aligns with the client’s expectations.

The finalized quote is then presented to the client, providing a breakdown of costs and a detailed overview of the services included. At Cinematix Media, we believe in transparency, and our quotes are designed to be clear and comprehensive, outlining all associated expenses to avoid any surprises later in the project.

We understand that each client is unique, and their video production needs vary. As such, our quoting process is flexible, allowing for adjustments and modifications based on client feedback or changes to the project scope. Our goal is to collaborate closely with clients to ensure that the quote aligns with their vision, objectives, and budget constraints.

Cinematix Media sets itself apart in the competitive landscape of Vancouver’s video production industry through a combination of distinct qualities that collectively define our uniqueness and success. Our commitment to delivering exceptional visual storytelling, coupled with a client-centric approach, sets the foundation for what makes Cinematix Media stand out among other video production companies in Vancouver.

First and foremost, our emphasis on storytelling is a cornerstone of our identity. We don’t just capture footage; we craft narratives that resonate with audiences on a deep and emotional level. Every project undertaken by Cinematix Media is approached as a unique story waiting to be told, whether it’s a commercial film, a promotional video, or corporate videography. This storytelling ethos allows us to create content that not only informs but also captivates and inspires, leaving a lasting imprint on the viewer.

Another key aspect that distinguishes Cinematix Media is our commitment to collaborative and client-centric practices. We view each project as a partnership, working closely with clients to understand their brand, objectives, and vision. Our team engages in open communication throughout the entire process, from the initial consultation to the final delivery. This collaborative approach ensures that the client’s voice is heard, and their expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Furthermore, our versatility sets us apart in the Vancouver video production landscape. Cinematix Media is equipped to serve a diverse range of clients, spanning various industries and project scopes. Whether it’s a small-scale corporate video or a large-scale commercial production, our team has the expertise and flexibility to adapt to different needs. This versatility allows us to bring a fresh perspective to each project, tailoring our creative approach to suit the unique demands of our clients.

Technical expertise is another defining factor that contributes to Cinematix Media’s uniqueness. Our team comprises skilled professionals with a deep understanding of the latest technologies and trends in the video production industry. From state-of-the-art equipment to cutting-edge post-production techniques, we leverage our technical prowess to deliver visuals that not only meet industry standards but set new benchmarks for excellence.

Moreover, our dedication to precision and attention to detail ensures that every frame of our videos is carefully curated. We believe that it’s the meticulous details that elevate a video from good to exceptional. Whether it’s framing a shot, refining the color grading, or fine-tuning the sound design, our commitment to perfection is evident in the final product.

Client satisfaction and project outcomes speak volumes about our uniqueness. Cinematix Media has garnered a reputation for not just meeting but exceeding client expectations. Our portfolio showcases a diverse array of successful projects, each a testament to our ability to turn ideas into visually compelling realities.

Selecting the right locations for video shoots in Vancouver involves a careful consideration of various factors, taking into account the city’s unique geography and the impact it can have on production choices. Vancouver’s diverse landscapes, ranging from urban settings to picturesque natural environments, offer filmmakers a rich tapestry of possibilities. Here are some of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing locations in Vancouver and how the city’s geography influences these decisions.

  1. Scenic Diversity: Vancouver boasts a remarkable range of landscapes, from the iconic city skyline to lush forests, mountains, and oceanfronts. Filmmakers can leverage this diversity to create visually captivating scenes that suit the specific requirements of their projects. Considerations must be made regarding the type of scenery that complements the narrative, whether it’s an urban drama, a nature documentary, or a commercial.

  2. Weather Conditions: Vancouver is known for its variable weather conditions, with rain being a frequent occurrence, especially during certain seasons. Production teams must factor in the impact of weather on shoot schedules, lighting, and equipment. Having contingency plans for adverse weather conditions is essential to ensure a smooth production process.

  3. Permitting and Regulations: Vancouver has strict regulations regarding filming permits, and different locations may have specific rules and restrictions. Production teams must navigate the permitting process, considering the logistics of securing permissions for both public and private spaces. Understanding these regulations is crucial to avoiding legal complications during filming.

  4. Accessibility: The city’s geography plays a role in determining the accessibility of locations. Vancouver is characterized by a mix of urban and remote areas, each with its own logistical challenges. Proximity to key facilities, ease of transportation for crew and equipment, and accommodation options are factors that impact the practicality of a location.

  5. Cultural Sensitivity: Vancouver is a culturally diverse city, and respecting the cultural and social dynamics of different neighborhoods is essential. Filmmakers must be aware of the cultural context of their chosen locations to ensure that their presence and activities align with the community’s values and expectations.

  6. Logistical Infrastructure: The city’s infrastructure, including roads, public transportation, and parking facilities, must be considered to facilitate the movement of crew and equipment. Evaluating the logistics of a location helps in planning efficient shoot days and minimizing disruptions.

  7. Budgetary Considerations: Vancouver’s cost of living and production costs can vary across different areas. Understanding the budget constraints and finding locations that offer the desired visual aesthetics within those constraints is a critical aspect of location selection.

  8. Time of Day and Light Conditions: Vancouver’s geographical location affects the duration and quality of natural light. Filmmakers must consider the time of day and the impact of changing light conditions on their shots. This consideration becomes particularly important when planning outdoor shoots.

  9. Environmental Impact: Vancouver places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability. Production teams need to be mindful of the environmental impact of their activities, including waste management and the use of eco-friendly practices, especially when filming in natural settings.

  10. Collaboration with Local Communities: Building positive relationships with local communities is essential for successful location shoots in Vancouver. Engaging with residents, businesses, and community leaders helps create a cooperative atmosphere and ensures a harmonious production process.

Cinematix Media takes pride in its versatility and the ability to cater to a diverse range of clients across various industries. While specialization can be beneficial in certain contexts, our approach is rooted in adaptability, creativity, and a commitment to tailoring our services to the unique needs of each client, regardless of their industry.

Versatility Across Industries: Our diverse portfolio reflects our capability to navigate and excel in various sectors. Whether it’s corporate videography for businesses, promotional videos for brands, or cinematic storytelling for different industries, we have successfully delivered high-quality content that meets and often exceeds our clients’ expectations. Our team’s collective expertise allows us to adapt our creative approach to the specific demands of different sectors, ensuring that the visual narratives we create align seamlessly with the unique identity and goals of each client.

Customized Approach: Rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all strategy, we believe in tailoring our services to the specific requirements of each client, regardless of the industry they operate in. This involves a thorough understanding of the client’s brand, objectives, and target audience. By customizing our approach, we ensure that the videos we produce not only meet the industry standards but also resonate with the intended audience and contribute to the client’s overall success.

Corporate Videography Excellence: In the realm of corporate videography, Cinematix Media has demonstrated excellence in presenting businesses with professionalism and authenticity. Whether it’s internal communication videos, training materials, or promotional content for corporate events, our team is adept at capturing the essence of a business and translating it into compelling visual narratives. We understand the unique communication needs of businesses and tailor our services accordingly.

Promotional Videos for Brands: For brands seeking promotional content, our approach is dynamic and results-driven. We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their brand identity, values, and marketing goals. This collaborative process ensures that our promotional videos not only showcase the product or service effectively but also resonate with the target audience, fostering brand awareness and loyalty.

Cinematic Storytelling for Various Contexts: Cinematix Media’s proficiency in cinematic storytelling extends beyond specific industries. We’ve successfully applied our creative storytelling approach to various contexts, including short films, documentaries, and narrative-driven content. This adaptability allows us to infuse creativity into diverse projects, creating visually compelling narratives that engage and captivate audiences.

Aerial Videography Across Sectors: Our expertise in aerial videography/photography adds an extra layer of versatility to our services. Whether capturing architectural marvels, scenic landscapes, or event venues, our aerial services enhance the visual appeal of videos across different industries. This capability is particularly advantageous for real estate, tourism, and event-focused projects.

Achieving a harmonious balance between creativity and client objectives is a delicate yet crucial task for video production companies in Vancouver. Successfully navigating this balance ensures that the final product not only meets the client’s goals but also captivates the audience with innovative and engaging content. Here are key strategies for video production companies in Vancouver to effectively blend creativity and client objectives:

  1. In-depth Understanding of Client Goals: Before diving into the creative process, it’s essential for video production companies to gain a deep understanding of their client’s objectives. This involves comprehensive discussions with the client to identify key messages, target audience, and overall project goals. Clear communication at this stage sets the foundation for aligning creativity with client expectations.

  2. Collaborative Pre-Production Planning: Engage clients in the pre-production planning phase to ensure their input is considered from the outset. This collaborative approach involves brainstorming sessions, concept development, and joint decision-making on key elements such as scriptwriting, storyboarding, and overall visual style. Encouraging client involvement fosters a sense of ownership and collaboration throughout the production process.

  3. Creative Brief Development: Establish a well-defined creative brief that encapsulates both the client’s objectives and the creative vision of the production team. The creative brief serves as a guiding document, outlining the project’s goals, target audience, tone, and visual aesthetics. It acts as a reference point to ensure that creativity aligns with the client’s strategic goals.

  4. Regular Client Check-ins: Maintain open lines of communication with the client throughout the production process. Scheduled check-ins provide opportunities for clients to review progress, offer feedback, and make adjustments as needed. This iterative approach helps in real-time alignment of creativity with client expectations, reducing the likelihood of major revisions later in the process.

  5. Storytelling that Aligns with Brand Messaging: Weave the client’s brand messaging seamlessly into the narrative. Effective storytelling aligns creativity with the client’s objectives by conveying key messages in a compelling and memorable way. By integrating brand values, mission, and unique selling propositions into the narrative, the video becomes a powerful tool for both storytelling and achieving business objectives.

  6. Flexibility in Creative Execution: While adhering to client goals, allow flexibility in the creative execution. Video production companies should be open to exploring innovative approaches and ideas that may enhance the overall impact of the content. This flexibility encourages creativity to flourish while ensuring that any departures from the initial plan are in line with the client’s overarching objectives.

  7. Strategic Use of Visual Elements: Leverage visual elements strategically to enhance engagement. This includes the use of captivating visuals, compelling cinematography, and innovative editing techniques. The visual appeal of the content plays a pivotal role in capturing the audience’s attention, and aligning these elements with the client’s branding ensures a cohesive and impactful outcome.

  8. Audience-Centric Approach: Focus on understanding the target audience and tailoring the creative approach to resonate with them. By keeping the audience in mind, the video production team can align creativity with the client’s objectives in a way that is not only visually appealing but also emotionally resonant and relevant to the target demographic.

  9. Adaptability to Client Feedback: Embrace an adaptive mindset when receiving client feedback. Constructive feedback is a valuable tool for refining the creative direction and ensuring that the final product aligns closely with the client’s expectations. Video production companies that are responsive to client input can make timely adjustments without compromising the overall creative vision.

  10. Post-Production Refinement: Use the post-production phase as an opportunity for refinement. Client feedback during the editing process allows for fine-tuning details to better align with objectives. This collaborative approach in post-production ensures that the final product not only meets client expectations but also surpasses them in terms of creativity and impact.

Yes, at Cinematix Media, we specialize in offering aerial videography and photography services, leveraging the power of drone technology to capture breathtaking perspectives that add a unique and dynamic dimension to your video content. Aerial visuals are more than just a trend; they are a transformative tool that enhances storytelling, captivates audiences, and provides a fresh and immersive viewing experience. Let’s delve into the details of how our aerial services can elevate and enrich your video content.

1. Unique Perspectives: Aerial videography and photography unlock perspectives that are impossible to achieve with traditional camera setups. By taking to the skies, we can capture sweeping landscape views, showcase architectural grandeur, and provide an overall visual context that goes beyond ground-level perspectives. This uniqueness not only adds aesthetic value but also sets your content apart, making it more memorable and visually striking.

2. Cinematic Appeal: The use of drones in videography brings a cinematic quality to your content. The smooth and sweeping movements achievable with aerial shots create a cinematic feel that enhances the overall production value of your videos. Whether it’s a commercial film, promotional video, or event coverage, the cinematic appeal of aerial footage adds a level of professionalism and visual allure that captivates viewers.

3. Storytelling Enhancement: Aerial shots are powerful storytelling tools. They can be strategically integrated into your video narrative to emphasize key elements of your story. For example, showcasing the vastness of a landscape, the scale of a project, or the connectivity of a community becomes more impactful when viewed from above. These shots can evoke emotions, create emphasis, and contribute to a more immersive storytelling experience.

4. Real Estate Marketing: For real estate professionals, our aerial services offer a game-changing advantage. Aerial videography allows potential buyers to experience properties in a way that static images or ground-level videos simply cannot achieve. Showcase the property’s surroundings, highlight unique features, and provide a comprehensive view that helps potential buyers make informed decisions. Aerial footage transforms real estate marketing by offering an engaging and comprehensive visual tour.

5. Event Coverage with a Difference: Capturing events from the air provides a unique and dynamic perspective. From weddings and concerts to corporate gatherings, aerial videography adds an exciting element to event coverage. It not only documents the event but also creates visually stunning montages that encapsulate the energy and scale of the occasion. Aerial shots of crowds, venues, and overall event layouts contribute to a more immersive viewing experience.

6. Marketing and Branding Impact: In the realm of marketing and branding, aerial visuals leave a lasting impact. Whether creating promotional videos for products or services, aerial shots provide a bird’s-eye view that emphasizes scale, innovation, and uniqueness. These visuals are attention-grabbing and contribute to a positive perception of your brand. Aerial content is shareable and has the potential to go viral, increasing brand visibility and engagement.

7. Project Progress and Documentation: For construction projects or large-scale developments, aerial videography serves as an invaluable tool for documenting progress. Regular aerial footage can showcase different phases of construction, highlight achievements, and provide stakeholders with a comprehensive overview. This documentation not only serves internal purposes but can also be used for marketing and communication with clients and investors.

8. Technical Precision and Safety: Our team at Cinematix Media prioritizes technical precision and safety in the deployment of aerial services. Our skilled drone operators adhere to industry regulations and safety standards, ensuring that the aerial footage is not only visually stunning but also captured responsibly and without risk. Technical precision is vital in achieving the desired results, and our team combines expertise with state-of-the-art drone technology to deliver exceptional aerial visuals.